Why we created DNVB TV

Two reasons really, one for consumers and one for the brands themselves.

The online retail landscape is getting more crowded everyday. There are dozens of brands that might have whatever it is you’re looking for but you’ll never find it in the vast ocean that is the internet.  One goal of DNVB TV is to provide a single place for you to come and discover all these great brands.  Think of it as a big mall with links taking you directly to the shopping experience of each brand. Lucky for you, this mall is open 24/7, so come on in!

We want to support the brands too. As Big Daddy Kane once said, "E-commerce isn’t easy!" It’s no secret that finding and growing an audience is one of the most difficult and expensive parts of getting started. By bringing potential customers to one place, we hope to help these brands grow their businesses. We have affiliate partnerships with some of them where we get a share of the revenue from any purchases.

We’ve got a lot in store for you in the near future, so come back soon and follow us on social media.   We’re @dnvblist on Twitter, Insta, and Facebook!